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Wedding Fashion Ukraine 2018

You will find hundreds of wedding dress designers all over the world. Their prices are usually too high for many brides and the return of an investment is a long run. But now, imagine, the dresses could cost you way less. You would sell more dresses and earn more money on every single one – wouldn’t that be easier?

Lower prices, higher profit – your competition’s nightmare!

There is no but. We have the best conditions for our mission. We have a country, where the wedding industry is a tradition, Ukraine. The competition there is extreme and all the companies compete in best designs and lowest prices constantly. And from that you can only earn!

We would love to give you an access to our prices, all you need to do is fill out a form!

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under 150 € 150 – 250 € 250 – 400 € 400-700 € 700 € and more
under 150 € 150 – 250 € 250 – 400 € 400 – 700 € 700 € and more
We are sorry. We sell the dress only to the bridal shops.


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Two main reasons for choosing MaryBride

1. The return of an investment


All our dresses have such a low price that you can put 200-300 % margin on them and they will be still affordable. Send us a message – our price lists will convince you.


2. The simplicity of our collaboration


To order, all you need to do is click a few times. We send and process everything from inside the EU, so you don’t have to go through any customs proceedings and you won't pay any import duties.

Check video from wedding EXPO!