Wedding, evening dresses & veils

Newest: MaryBella 2019 Valencia Dreams – small collection with many different styles and sparkling dresses

Newest: MaryBride 2019 Melody of Happiness – a small collection full of lightness

MaryBride 2018 II. – designer pieces for brides that love all extravagant. This is our most expensive and newest collection

Recommended: MaryBride 2018 Positano – this collection may be small, but it offers a lot. Mostly, there are dresses in a vintage style but you can find classical pieces as well

MaryBella 2018 Rome – every piece is an original, a diverse collection full of modern dresses with good prices

MaryBella 2017 Sicily – both classical and unusual cuts, mostly with a A-line skirt

37 veils – simple ones and decorated, that fit our wedding dresses perfectly.